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Safety in PE & CCA

Marsiling Secondary School
Standard Operational Procedures
Physical Education Department

1 Prior to PE/CCA Session

  1. Students gather and attendance is marked.
  2. Collect all valuables (eg. wallets & handphones) for safekeeping (where necessary).
  3. Do inform your teacher if you are unwell and record reasons for exemption from session.
  4. All students are to be in the proper PE or CCA attire for session.
  5. Students are to wear proper footwear for all lessons
  6. Listen to safety instructions before start of each PE/CCA session.
  7. Ensure all equipment is accounted for.

2 PE/CCA Session

  1. All outdoor activities must be stopped when the lightning alert siren is sounded.
  2. Playing competitively on wet ground especially after the rain is not encouraged (the ground will be slippery).
  3. Listen to safety instructions and updates. Students are to engage in safe practices at all times.
  4. Students with asthmatic conditions are to have their prescribed medicine (e.g. inhaler) with them at all times.
  5. Students on medical certs/ feeling unwell on the day of PE/CCA are to remain SEATED at the assigned locations (in the shade). Should the student need to go to the washroom, permission must be sought and as far as possible, be accompanied by another student.
  6. There will be appropriate rest periods and water breaks given.
  7. Severely overweight and severely underweight students must be medically cleared by Student Health Services (SHS) before they are allowed to participate in physical activities.

3 End of PE/CCA Session

  1. Students are to account for the equipment used and return them.
  2. Collect your valuables after the session.
  3. Do inform your teacher is you are unwell before you leave.
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